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rigid chain link lift system

Specialist Lift Systems


ESP design and manufacture a wide range of lift systems in conjunction with a company called Serapid whose head office is based in France.


The Serapid Lift System is ideal for applications with heavy loads and long stroke requirements, limited space and the need for accuracy and repeatability.


Serapid’s core technology is the Rigid Chain. It consists of interlocking links that behave like a chain yet lock like a rigid bar, providing a safe, reliable and compact telescopic actuation mechanism that also works in harsh environments.

P.U.W.E.R.  Assessments


ESP have been involved in many plant re-locations which involves moving machinery/complete production and process lines, and reintegrating/commissioning them in new locations. Irrespective of the age of the machine, once it has been moved, it must comply with the latest UK Health and Safety standards together with having the correct operating procedures in place.


ESP take a logical step-by-step process of machinery risk analysis for the assessment of machine safety using bespoke software packages and client's own risk assessments.


  • Risk assessments of existing machinery to Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)

  • Risk assessments of new machinery to The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008

  • Safety circuit validation

  • ESP can carry out assessments of your control systems with reference to EN61508, EN62061, EN 954-1 and EN ISO 13849-1. Not only that, but our advisors are engineers who can help you design a compliant control system


Our engineers are instrumental in assisting key managers to conduct risk assessment of all work activities, using structured inspections, standard check-lists and Job Safety Analysis techniques. Managers are assisted to develop and maintain simple record systems appropriate to the business needs.

Mechanical production line

ESP Upgrade Production Line


ESP have recently been involved in upgrading a production line for one of their blue chip clients. The line was re-organised between the De-Palletiser and the Pasteuriser Infeed which involved adding in jar accumulation, together with improving the line control to reduce jar pressure and noise. Another part of the project was to increase the speed of the De-palletiser which ESP carried out by modifying the control system. The project also involved the installation and integration of a new filling machine and hot water skid. To enable product to be filled at a higher temperature and to reduce the waste product on start-up, the hot water skid supplied hot water to the filling machine which would effectively warm up the filler bowl prior to hot product being sent to the filler. Cold water was taken from the main water line and heated up via steam through a heat exchanger.

stainless steal bag filler

Stainless Steel Bag Filler


ESP have been manufacturing bag fillers for many years, but one of our clients requested if we could manufacture a filling machine totally from stainless steel. The machine was designed and built at ESP's production facility in Rougham.


This hygienic machine is suitable for all food grade applications. The machine is supplied with its own stainless steel control panel, which can be either prewired local to the machine, or supplied separate for a remote position. It is a modular machine which can operate with either a weigh platform or part of a conveyor system.


The machine is fitted with dust extraction at the filling point to reduce the amount of dust created whilst filling is in progress. It can be supplied with an integral metal detector which will automatically shut off the sugar flow and divert any contaminated product to waste prior to it entering the bag.

hand packing station

Hand Packing Station


ESP have recently designed and developed a hand packing station which has been integrated into an automatic packing machine. The project was born from our customer being asked by their customer to trial a new product on their automated packing line. To re-arrange the line to suit the new pack would not have been feasible in the timescales given, so ESP designed the hand packing station to integrate with their existing machine, thus allowing the existing packing machine to be bypassed. Although the throughput was reduced, it allowed our client to meet their customer's demands and bought them more time to re-organise their line to suit their requirements.


The hand packing station is mounted on wheels so that it can be moved in and out of position with ease, and has its own control panel which obtains its power via plug and socket from the packing machine supply.

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