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Well-engineered design is only effective if the manufacturing standards are high. By retaining a permanent and skilled team of panel builders, ESP can ensure that the quality of the design is enhanced by the quality of the control panels.


From a fully suited motor control centre to a simple junction box, the design and build of a control panel can have a dramatic effect both on the ease of installation, commissioning and its operational life.


Compliance of with all the relevant standards and regulations, including the ATEX directive requirements for hazardous area applications is a given. In addition however, detailed consideration is given to the installation, commissioning and future maintenance requirements. This together with an insatiable attention to detail ensures that the control panels are optimised for the application in every way.


Panels are fully tested before leaving our workshop and we encourage our clients and their maintenance personnel to witness these tests to ensure continued satisfaction and significantly reduce the time to commission the panels on-site.

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