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Working closely in the food and beverage industry we understand the many difficulties when handling large quantities of malt, granular and grain products. Many industries handle these types of products on a daily basis, whether you are filling & bagging or even emptying at the other end. We have identified a solution which can reduce labour for offloading many differing types of products which saves time, labour and reduces risk of injury.

Often at the start of any process, getting large quantities of any granular or grain prod­uct from an offloading area to production areas can be a laborious and timely task. ESP Ltd have designed and engineered a multi-purpose solution for emptying a 1 tonne malt bag and incorporated a manual sack offloading hatch for ultimate product flexibili­ty.


This means that a wide variety of bags can be safely offloaded by an operator. The system comprises of a 3 section sack offloading frame for bag offloading, a bag neck clamp, product hopper, rotary seal and blowing system. This also includes a manual hatch for sack offloading and an extraction system for dust particulates.

ESP Ltd have designed and manufactured the structure to BS EN 1090. This structure has been produced in Stainless Steel such that it meets the requirements of any food and beverage site.


Engineered specially for the food and beverage industry, designed & manufactured by ESP Ltd for the ultimate safe & efficient 1 tonne bag and sack unloading turnkey solution.

Design features include:

·    Safe & Easy loading
·    Safe, Fast & Efficient Emptying
·    Loading Chamber for large/small batches
·    Can be used as a Singular Machine or Banked in Multiples (depending on throughput)
·    Built with Engineering Precision & Excellence
·    A fully CE marked design
·    Full Stainless-Steel construction
·    Built in accordance with BS EN 1090 regulations
·    Dust extraction point
·    Zone 20 ready for Dust ATEX areas
·    Can be used for unloading Grains/ Malt/ Barley/ Seeds
·    3D Pipework design service available
·    ESP can provide full pipework installation, delivering product directly to the process
·    Full electrical and control integration - Can be integrated into existing SCADA system
·    Extended Warranties & Service Contracts Available

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