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A new concept to many perhaps, but at ESP Engineering Systems & Projects Ltd (ESP) adding value by design is second nature and a key differentiating factor for our clients. The traditional style of manufacturing based projects is changing. Over the past few years we have seen a significant reduction in the number of new facilities being built. Focus has moved more towards 'sweating' existing assets than investing in new plants. Manufacturing improvements are being achieved through smaller, highly targeted projects. When investment is made in new plant, solutions must be more flexible and more 'agile' than ever before.


With the popularity of the 'Supply Chain' model amongst the leading manufacturing organisations, engineering solutions can no longer be limited to the shop floor. Data flows to and from the business systems, and to those of suppliers and customers alike play a key role in those companies striving to achieve excellence.


So what does adding value by design actually mean? To ESP, adding value by design means not only delivering projects to a high standard, on time and within budget, but benefiting from the gearing achieved by doing the 'right' projects at the 'right' time. Providing successful solutions, means understanding the client's requirements fully. Whilst able to deliver with excellence against a fully specified solution, ESP excels in building long term relationships with their client's, building a sound understanding of their processes, performance metrics and business. This enables us to work up tailored solutions from embryonic ideas, business requirements or production problems that not only match our client's immediate needs, but that are also in fit with their medium/long term manufacturing strategies.


ESP's success in developing such award winning relationships is based on flexibility to the extreme, a full commitment to engineering excellence, underpinned by sound technical and project management skills. ESP has significant expertise in batch manufacturing operations, filling and packaging, specialising in hazardous area applications. We can provide full turnkey solutions including up-front studies, specification, detailed design, installation, commissioning and training or any subset as required.

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