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various engineering works


Field installation is often the client's first exposure to the quality of service that can be expected from a supplier. For this reason ESP retains a field installation team familiar with the pitfalls likely to be encountered. Whether it is an update of an existing installation, starting from a green field site, or replacing obsolete equipment with new, it is probably a situation which has been encountered before.


Apart from working extensively throughout the UK, ESP engineering staff have installed in many European countries, and in various parts of the Middle East, Far East, USA and Australia. The type of installation service offered to clients varies. In some cases ESP provides a complete installation team taking total responsibility for all aspects of the work, in others the client may wish to use their own labour with ESP providing an onsite construction manager.

a fork lift installing a vessel
an engineer installing hardware

Installation of Electrical Systems In Hazardous Areas


The electrical division of ESP employ specialist service engineers and experienced installers who are more importantly qualified in “the safe use of electricity in potentially explosive environments”. This includes the use of many standards of hazardous area engineering disciplines to include the intrinsic safety, flameproof and increased safety types of installation.


ESP have led the way in the implementation of projects using the new ATEX directives and as such have the capability to audit and consult upon new or old installations.


ESP employ qualified test and inspection engineers certified to the latest IEE regulations and standards.

various engineering works
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