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ESP design and manufacture a complete range of endless belt conveyor systems. They are a modular conveyor which can be built to different lengths & widths.


The conveyor body can be manufactured from Mild Steel with a painted finish, or 304 / 316 stainless steel. Belts can range from a heavy duty grip face, to an FDA approved which makes them suitable for carrying food products.


They can be supplied as a standalone unit, or mounted on castors which allows them to be moved around the production area.


Features include : -


·    Auto belt tracking.
·    Auto Belt Tensioning.
·    Quick Release ends to assist cleaning.
·    Drum Drive system.
·    Motor Gearbox system.
·    Small Transfer Ends.

The belt conveyor systems design can be a light duty end drum drive with 'end tensioning', or a heavier duty mid drive with 'integrated mid tensioner'.

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