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The 02 Arena Greenwich - 7 Part Seating Module

The 02 Arena hold events throughout the year, some of which require enclosed seating around the full 360 degree space for events including ATP world tennis tournaments, NBA global games, boxing, the world cup of gymnastics, UFC championship fights that all utilise the centre of the arena. The 02 arena required portable seating units for these events for ease of installation and speed when changing between events which would normally take a great deal of time to erect & remove. To overcome this ESP & Serapid designed and manufactured 7 seating units with on-board lifting systems which can be both manually moved into position and erected quickly. These units have seating modules mounted to them and fit into an array around the stage end of the arena and once in position could be lifted using a state of the art control system utilising Serapid link lifts. When ready to lift, our portable control system is wheeled into place, plugged into ports on the seating unit and using a pendant the stands can be raised up to the height of the pre-existing audience seating. The centre unit is able to be raised even further to allow other seating modules and equipment to pass underneath via the main entrance. The control system is portable and has a HMI for alarm diagnostics and operator guidance and can control any of the 7 stands, all of which were fully assembled externally and prior to installation zero disruption to performances was maintained.

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